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Relative paths


I have installed multi Commander in a folder called


When I press a button called ProgEditor, I want it to use the programmers editor found in


How do I declare a relative drive or path (relative of course to where the Multi Commander application executed from?

Kalek Seishaken

Mathias (Author):
File Editor Setup dialog when configuring what file editor to use. Type in a path that are relative to the installation path of MC.

for your example that would be

eg  "..\fastEditor\fastEditor.exe"

Thanks for the response, that does not appear to work.

Let me ask you this. Is there a constant for the path of the application (in other words the path where Multi Commander is located)?

For example, the path that is in focus can be referred to as {focusfilepath}.

If there is a similar constant for the application path, then that would pretty much solve the problem. The editor is one that I wrote and it is a standalone executable. I even tried creating a folder for it under the MultiCommander\Extensions folder, and I just cannot get it to execute.

Multi Commander appears to be very well thought out, so I am assuming that it is something I am missing.

Kalek Seishaken

Mathias (Author):
No there is no constant for that.. I might add some for the next release.

You can try to edit the config file manuall.

"Menu > Go to > config folder" and  then edit MultiCommander.xml

The find the editors tag and change that


    <editor name="Notepad2" cmd="..\n2\notepad2.exe" parameters="${filepath}" ext="*"/>

I got it working with notepad2

Mathias (Author):
From build 814 it is now possible to specify the ${mcinstallpath} tag in the editor filepath field.

So "${mcinstallpath}\..\MyEditor\Editor.exe" Will now work. Even when running from USB.


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