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New licence type (free of charge)



I've read that the licence is changed. Now MC can be used free of charge. But what does it means in details? Is it free for personal use only? Or is it free for commercial use as well?
If I start the installation on MC the licence agreement at the beginnig says I have to purchase MC if I would like to use it on my company computers but it is opposite of "free if charge".

After I installed MC and I opened the About window I can see this: "Free for personal and commercial use. Unless if you are evil. Then you must purchase a license."

An other thing I can see on About window: "Update requeire before expiration date: 2012-01-15 23:59"
If it's free of charge why do I see expiration date?

I'm a little bit confused. Is it free or not? Free for what purpose?
Could you help me to see clear?

Thank you.

Mathias (Author):
It is free for both personal and commercial usage. unless you are an evil person, Then you must pay :), But since evil person are evil, I don't except to see any money from them.

MC did require purchase of license before. But when changing it to free and removing text that was referring to registered/purchase, some was missed. But they are removed when I find them.

- Mathias

Mathias (Author):
The expiration date is when the program will force the user to update to a newer version.

This because I do not want to receive bug reports, crash reports and issues for old versions, because thous issues are most likely already fixed.


Thanks for the infos.
So it is complatelly free for any kind of usage and you are a funny guy that's why that "evil" text is in it.  ;)


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