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Does this program sort thru photo files?


Hello  :)

I have read about the program, but have a couple of quetions before I try it.  What I am looking for is an easy to use program that will sort through my photos, find duplicates and sort all my photos into folders.
I have 1,000's of photos everywhere on my computer, the folder names are all wrong, I have many duplicates too. I can go through them all, delete the ones I don't want, try and find all the dups, and spend hours getting them into folders that are correctly named for what photos are in them...
I've tried many programs, but for one reason or another, they didn't work for what I need. I do not like Picassa, I found it loads up every graphic on my computer and also many duplicate photos.

Will this program sort my photos into specified folders?

Any advice or suggestions would be welcomed.
Thank you very much.

Mathias (Author):
Multi Commander is not optimized for working with photos.

You can however show the meta data from photos as columns,
and there are tools for renaming multiple files.


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