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'Close' buttons works on tabs even when I turn them off


Multi Commander 1.1.1 build 800
Win 7 32 bit

Now in  Core Settings -> Layout -> Close tab   I have:

Show close button in the tab - Off
Click on tab using middle mouse button to close - On
Double click using left mouse button to close - Off
Ask before closing the tab - Off

But when I do a click (single click) the place where 'Close' button on each tab ~should~ be showed (but they are not there actually with my settings), I get closing tab reaction (tab is closed if it wasn't locked, and shows "Do you really want..." message if it is).

I think it's a bug - there shouldn't be tab closing on single click  when  buttons aren't there.

Thanks for your care!

Mathias (Author):
You are correct, it is a bug.

I will fix that.

Thanks for reporting the problem.


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