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Is there some way to create a Favorites list or Bookmarks?

Okay, I found an answer (sort of) in the FAQ. I will have to study it and see if it satisfies my needs.

Mathias (Author):
Sorry for not answering. I totally missed that post.

There are a couple of ways

Hotpath (Right click on field showing current path) this paths can also be accessed with ctrl+<num>

You can also a change path using 'user commands' and add that command to the button panel, or Menu. or assign a shortcut to it, or assingn an aliases to it.

You can also create aliases that expands into a full path.  So if you enter a word in the commandline field. that word will then expand to a full path and it will then go there.

A more unified are batter ways are planed for the future.


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