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How do I change the copy strategy permanently?


I recently started using Multi Commander and like it.
However copying small files form HDD to USB stick with the default copy strategy takes far too long.
For example copying 700 MB of small files takes 3:40 seconds with the default copy strategy(To external device USB/Firewire).
The same small files copied to the USB stick with the Normal, Same drive strategy take 1:10 seconds!?
Large files with the same strategy(To external device USB/Firewire) copy OK in terms of speed.
How can I preset the copy strategy so that it is Normal, Same drive by default for all copying tasks in Multi Commander?
Simply setting it once and then clicking Save as default doesn't work.
I'm using Multi Commander v1.2.0b851.

Mathias (Author):
Save as default is not saving the r/w strategy selection.

Creating a preset that autoload on all path might be a solution.

Select a strategy that is you have configured and save with the settings you want.
Then in Presets. Create a new and only check "read / write strategy" (uncheck everything else)
Under the "Autoload this preset if target path is..." add "*"
and then save it.

Now that preset will autoload on all paths and set that r/w strategy.

( or changing all the strategies to the same settings. )

Mathias (Author):
I did some testing and I looks like the preset does not save the RW Strategy even if that checkbox is checked.
That is a bug. I will fix that asap so that will be fixed in the next beta.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Haven't been using it long but aside form this copy thingie very nice prog.
Is this long copy to USB an intended strategy or work in progress?

Mathias (Author):
Copy to USB is tricky.
USB Memory stick devices work better if the buffer chunks are very big.. but copying to Harddrive connected to USB works better if buffer chunks are smaller.

I haven't been able to detect if a device is a USB Memory type of device or harddrive in a consistent way.


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