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More panel icons - configurable, programable
« on: September 26, 2019, 14:19:41 »
I'm using often Krusader on Linux, but sometimes I use Windows and Multi commander.

I like configurable buttons on top of each panel. Multi commander already support button "/", "up" and has many more buttons in this place, which are not possible to disable or redefine.

For example, I like other buttons, like (see attachement screenshot from krusader)
"=" which switch panel directory to other panel directory so they are showing equal path after this
"*" which show configurable bookmarks so I can easily go to predefined path
"~" which goes to home folder of current user

Multi commander has partialy the ability of "*" and "~" on the left top panel button. But they are showing only windows defined folders.

At least the possibility to hide some current buttons would be handy and for me, I always miss the "=" in Multi commander and must select current disk, which is often not the same and not so fast.