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Version 9.7 ( 26-Apr-2020 )


Mathias (Author):
Release v9.7 is a minor release. Mostly fixes. Most of the development time have gone into the coming version 10.  But that is not ready yet.
So instead here is a minor release with the fixes.

Release v9.7 (Build 2590) ( 26-Apr-2020 )
   ADDED - New Language - Slovenian , created by Jadran Rudec
   ADDED - CustomCommand MC.Run will now set the exitcode to $__CMDRESULT if WAIT option was used.
   FIXED - Filesearch with date match had an UTC issue when comparing time
   FIXED - MultiScript command GetXXXXXXSelectedFileNames()/GetXXXXXSelectedPaths() functions now support the option "IGNORE_FOCUS" that ignore fouce item if no items are selected.
   FIXED - MultiScript command "NetWGET" tried to save to alternative when it should not.
   FIXED - Fixed crash issue with WPD (Portable)
   FIXED - Issue when copying from RESx/Flat view and selecting merge folders.
   FIXED - 6 Stability Issues


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