Author Topic: Multi Commander copies files from disk to disk incorrectly.  (Read 1668 times)


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I have a problem with Multi Commander. Namely, when copying data from disk to disk it takes an awful long time and the speed at is a maximum of about 30 MB / s. I also noticed that the program does not copy the file to this second disk, only the copied data first buffers on disk C:

However, when I copy files In Windows in File Explorer, copying takes very quickly. And data on drive C is not cached.

I am asking for help in solving the problem.

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Re: Multi Commander copies files from disk to disk incorrectly.
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2020, 23:27:04 »
sound very strange. Something is very unique about you situation.
What I cant tell because the information on what you do is very limited.
Data is buffered on C drive first. Ehh no, normal copy does not do that. it can even read from one disk while it is writing on the other. if it is two different drives.
Or are you unpacking from some archive and writing into another  ?
Also there are many ways to start a copy. some of the way are compatibility way with external system.

If you describe what you are doing I might be able to help.