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Mathias (Author):
Lots of internal UI change.
Support for Dark Theme and other fixes

Release v10.0.x

-- Build 2733 ( Release Candidate - 24-Okt-2020 )
   FIXED - Fixed some high DPI issue in many places,
   FIXED - Freespace field will now auto scale font according to DPI settings.
   FIXED - DarkMode works again in Windows 10 10H2 release
   CHANGE- Change some default values
   ADDED - In FindFiles dialogs, You can now set search path to selected folders in source/target panel
   FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- 2731 ( Beta - 11-Okt-2020 )
   ADDED - CopyTo Dialog now have buttonfor easy adding path from other open tabs , favorites and recent vistied locations.
   CHANGE- Minor redesign of CopyTo dialog
   FIXED - Fixed problem that tab open from locked tab did not receive input focus
   FIXED - Search dialog will not start search if return is pressed when input focus is in text box.
   FIXED - Issue when dragging from search result RESx: devices
   FIXED - Right click on rename icon on toolbar now have same items in popup as rename submenu in menu has.
   FIXED - 2 Stability issues

-- 2728 (Beta - 22-Sep-2020 )
   FIXED - Tab Tooltip wrong if a tab was moved inside the same panel
   FIXED - All toolbars can now be hidden again
   FIXED - Dialog size of Filter Editor is now correct
   ADDED - When dark mode is enabled, it will now try to force enable it
   ADDED - Option to now activate tab when dragging over a tab when dragging files

-- 2726 (Beta - 19-Sep-2020)
   FIXED - EntireRow QuickLaunch bar now works again
   ADDED - MultiScript SaveStringToFile can now append to file

-- 2725 (Beta)
   ADDED - Enable/Disable Dark Theme settings that also can change some customized colors if wanted
   ADDED - New Toolbar that support dark mode and resizing better (and other improvments in the toolbar)
   FIXED - DeviceCombo is now updated correctly when devices are added/removed
   FIXED - Lots of minor fixes and changes to support dark theme
   FIXED - ComboBox Popup fixes with High DPI mode
   FIXED - High DPI Issues with Checkboxes
   ADDED - ComboBox now support dynamic width with the popup
   ADDED - Makesure Alt+Arrow Down and Alt+Up withs in Combobox to show/close popup
   FIXED - Sometimes device combo was not updated.
   ADDED - DarkMode support on Windows 10 in MOST places.. MC have over 100 dialog so only the most common are changed
           Using Undocumented Windows 10 API. so might stop work on new version of Windows.
           See Forum for more info,8.0.html
   ADDED - FindFiles option to do content search in binary files.
   ADDED - FindFiles will no longer by default search binary files when doing content search.
   ADDED - Custom ComboBox (Dropdown) controller that support darkmode
   ADDED - Command field command to set position and size of MC.  ":setpos x y""

Thanks for the improvements Mathias.  Liking it so far ;)

I am wondering if there is some way to alter the hidden files & folders coloring in Dark mode when they are shown?
Currently things like pagefile.sys & $WINDOWS.~BT are black when unselected & I'd like to hi-lite the label text but cannot see how  :-\
....& whilst I'm being awkward, I'd also like to put a white border on the "KB" of the Calculate Folder Sizes Icon on the top bar...  :)

  ADDED - Option to now activate tab when dragging over a tab when dragging files

You mean to *not activate the tab?
Where is that option please?

Ftp is working again..


--- Quote from: Mathias (Author) on September 22, 2020, 17:22:25 ---All toolbars can now be hidden again

--- End quote ---
I use v10 already along time, since it released, and i never seen a toolbar and FTP was possible.

Release v10.0 BETA (Build 2731) ( 11-Okt-2020 ) Schiebesende


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