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No MultiTag ${focuspath},but there are only ${targetpath/sourcepath}


But has anyone ever cared about having a $ {focuspath} MultiTag, that is only the folder currently active on the MultiCommander?
The $ {targetpath} and the $ {sourcepath} have been made, but the most important one is $ {focuspath} doesn't exist !!!  >:(
Is it possible to simulate it in the External Commands ???  ::)
Thanks  :)

Mathias (Author):
${focuspath} would be the same as ${sourcepath} since the focuspath would take the path of the the active tab in the active panel. and that is the same as the source path.

Or what are you trying to do ?

How stupid, and I had it under my nose.  :-\
With $ {sourcepath} it works!  :D
I don't know why I associated the $ {sourcepath} with the left panel!  ::)


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