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Mathias (Author):
This beta have a new settings for the Explorer Panel, "Delay Update". In the Beta version this will be ENABLED by default. In release it might be disabled by default.
When enabled the Explorer Panels will not update the UI and not do a FileSystem scan until the tab is shown.. You will see a "!" in front of some tab names. This indicator is that the tab is NOT update yet.

50+ Changes

 -- Build 2788 ( 5 Apr-2021 )

  ADDED - MultiScript function StrRFind now support offset parameter, this parameter is at what position the reverse scan should start
  FIXED - Right click on Show/Hide Hidden files icon now works again
  ADDED - Can now configure different gridlines colors for horizontal and vertical gridlines
  FIXED - Get Filename of folder with dots sometimes cut of the last dot part, Like it was a file extension
  ADDED - New language Bulgarian, create by Lyuben Penchev
  ADDED - Added new command to open folder in new tab or in other panel
  ADDED - MultiCommander part in shell menu now show a command for "Open in New Tab" / "New Tab Other Panel"
  FIXED - Copy fileitems with date to clipboard the date was UTC and not local time
  FIXED - WPD: (Portable device) - Now works better when getting disconnected. Will to a refresh and clear view better

 -- Build 2782 ( 5 Apr-2021 )
  ADDED - If ExplorerPanel config is corrupt when starting a messagebox is now sown asking if it should reset that file.

-- Build 2781 ( 1-Apr-2021 )
  FIXED - ExplorerPanel corrupted config file and show dialog behind splash screen at startup halting startup
  FIXED - Saving config and tabs not updated because of delay update it lost their tab name.

-- Build 2780  ( 28-Mar-2021 )   
    ADDED - During startup MC verify extensions. This process is now done in parallel to improve startup speed.
    ADDED - So tabs can be have delayed update. So they are not updated during startup. This can be Disabled in settings. (In Release this settings might be OFF by default)
    ADDED - Add Warning and user settings to warn if multiple files are selected when doing edit operation.
    FIXED - Top margin for main toolbar is correct
    CHANGE- Did lots of code cleanup in reading the settings.
    ADDED - Holder for the FreeSpace Field and the icons after it are rebuilt. A ExplorerPanel tab UI will now be created faster. Look should be identical with before.

Thanks for the new beta!

Mathias (Author):
New Beta out that fix the startup issue of the corrupted file. If you still have a corrupted file you need to delete or edit ExplorerPanel.xml before starting.

User Config file is located in

Delete ExplorerPanel.xml or edit it and remove everything at the bottom after the </config> tag

Hi Mathias.

Can you tell me where I can download the zip installer for portable MultiCommander_x64_Update_(


Mathias (Author):

--- Quote from: AlanJB on May 25, 2021, 16:53:48 ---Hi Mathias.

Can you tell me where I can download the zip installer for portable MultiCommander_x64_Update_(


--- End quote ---
The beta is not available as a installer yet, Final should be ready soon. Only have a couple of minor things to fix before release.


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