Author Topic: Command line accept directories without drive letter  (Read 4616 times)


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Command line accept directories without drive letter
« on: July 30, 2021, 15:05:44 »
Hey all, first post here and quite fresh user of MC, after I tried like 20 programs I finally found the perfect one, it is just awesome, many thanks for its creation, was a monumental task for sure :)

The only hurdle I have now is with the command line. Basically I'm a keyboard user and try to touch the mouse as little as possible, it is just inefficient. I need the windows "run" atlernative - with autocomplete and MC almost have one - the command bar works wonders when set to a similar hotkey like alt+r instead of win+r, with one minor thing - I need to type the drive letter up front. Basically 98% of my work stuff is in C: and in windows run when I type "\soft\project1\..." it opens the explorer there, in MC command line "c:\soft\project1\..." does open the active tab to that folder, which is great, but "\soft\project1\..." actually opens a new explorer window :)

Can it be made to work without the drive letter too?