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Command line: allow . for current directory


When I start MultiCommander from the command line, I usually want to look at the files in the folder where I already am, however:

    C:\Some\really\deep\folder\structure> multicommander

always goes to C:\ and D:\, so I have to type:

    C:\Some\really\deep\folder\structure> multicommander "c:\some\really\deep\folder\structure"

which is annoying. Instead, I'd like to use . for the current directory (the way it works with DOS commands):

    C:\Some\really\deep\folder\structure> multicommander .

That would open the current folder on the current drive.
Each drive has its own current folder, so from a different drive, writing c: or c:. still indicates the current folder on c:

    C:\Some\really\deep\folder\structure> d:

    D:\Another\deep\folder\structure> multicommander c: .

That would start left in "C:\Some\really\deep\folder\structure" and right in "D:\Another\deep\folder\structure".

Mathias (Author):
Try latest beta. "." should work there but since the first path parameter is for the left panel it is opened there.


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