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Path column display customization for search results


When searching multiple deeply nested/long name folders one often ends up with results looking something like

--- Code: ---X:\subdirA\subdirB\subdirC\.. |   file1.ext  |
X:\subdirA\subdirB\subdirC\.. |   file2.ext  |
X:\subdirA\subdirB\subdirC\.. |   file1.ext  |
X:\subdirA\subdirB\subdirC\.. |   file2.ext  |
--- End code ---

it would be much more informative to have ability to display them as

--- Code: ---...\subdirL\subdirY\subdirZ    |   file1.ext  |
...\subdirL\subdirY\subdirZ    |   file2.ext  |
...\subdirM\subdirY\subdirZ    |   file1.ext  |
...\subdirM\subdirY\subdirZ    |   file2.ext  |

--- End code ---
so ideally condensing path parts that are the same for all results, but even option to align display to path end would sort most use cases

Mathias (Author):
Something like that are in the pipeline. But it will not be an option since it depends on what you are shown. sometimes you want one way and sometimes the other.. So it will be some way so you can toggle between the modes fast. without going into settings and changing


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