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Silent move?

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Hi, there was a recent update and now moving files around makes a popup progress bar and a sound and I just want it to be a normal silent process again without any popup. Where is this option? And fyi it didn't do this before the update so maybe try not to alter those basic settings.

Mathias (Author):
Core Settings > FileSystem

Ok I tried. The settings in that menu don't affect the issue. When I drag/drop a file to move it a progress window opens and a completed sound plays. It also will sometimes say 0% completed even though it completed successfully.

Mathias (Author):
Well the progress bar will always be shown. But you can configure it to autoclose,  You disable the Confirm and option dialog (by doing that you will no longer be able to use any of the advanced copy features)
Hmm I do not get it to play sound unless there is an error.. then it is a "boing " sound.
Also the progressbar is not stuck for me.

So are you doing some special copy operation that is not just a simple drag and drop a file on a disk to another disk ?

It does not show the popup or make the noise for Ctrl-X/V moves. But it does for drag/drop between windows. And it didn't do this at all before the recent update. It never says there is an error but it doesn't auto close the popup even though the auto-close option is selected. And it makes the noise regardless of being 100% completed and seemingly no errors. This is just a normal drag/drop between two normal folders like between Download folder and Documents folder. I tried a complete uninstall and reinstall and it still does it on the fresh install.


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