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Valid Signature to stop error messages in PDF reader


Grace O:
I use Multi-Commander (64) to manage files.  Every time I open a PDF in Foxit I get an error message.  The message is that the MC signature is not valid.  what's most frustrating is that no matter how often I check the box to remember that I am OK with the invalid signature - I keep getting the error message.

How do I get a valid signature for Multi-Commander? This started happening a couple of weeks ago.

Mathias (Author):
Eh ? I don't understand. Foxit complain about signature for MC when you open a pdf ?

Well MC is not digitally signed if that is what foxit complain about.
Should be some way to allow it in foxit I guess. Never used foxit so don't know.

I also have this problem and since I work with a lot of PDFs it's driving me crazy. This is becoming a deal breaker in an excellent program. FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Foxit Reader is a superb PDF utility that is way better than Adobe Reader.
I attached a screenshot of the error message. Checking the box to <remember the choice for this application> does no good and the error message is displayed every time a PDF is opened from within the Foxit program.


--- Quote ---Checking the box to <remember the choice for this application> does no good...
--- End quote ---

Then the fault is clearly that of Foxit reader...


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