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Unexpected behavior when renaming directories


I started using Multicommander (most recent version to date) on Win10-21H1.
I want to rename directories on a data disk and this works fine for more or less half a dozen dirs. On the next "rename" attempt Multicommander displays a windows claiming elevated rights for "MCAdmin.exe" in order to complete the operation.
There seems to be no reason why this happens. When I stop and restart the application I can rename the directory without any problem but it will display the MCAdmin.exe window again after two or three renaming operations.
This bothers me because elevated rights should not be necessary for this. All the dirs/files on the disk can be modified by everyone/full control.
Is this strange behavior really normal or what's happening here?

I have had the same issue since installing V11.5 and it still exists after installing v11.6. No problem with v11.4.

Mathias (Author):
This is a Windows security issue. Somethings is blocking MC from renaming the file and make windows return a ACCESS DENIED error., Then MC ask to retry doing it as admin in case it it a permission issue.
But when it is not. it is often security software that are not allowing the file to be renamed for some reason. Maybe it is in the process of scanning it. or something. Or something else have a lock on the file.

Pressing Ctrl+L and in the fileoperation log you can see what error is sent from Windows when this is happening

Dear Mathias,
thanks for the hint concerning my problem.
I did now try to reproduce the behavior (having updated from 11.5 to 11.6 in the meantime) but renaming worked fine now, even after numerous operations.
I will keep in mind to look in the log file if the problem reappears.


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