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I will make my suggestions for improving MC:
1. An internal file editor is required, using third-party editors like AkelPad or NotePad is very inconvenient.
2. I would like to be able to set the number of columns 1, 2, 3, etc. in a short format.
3. Status bar, when I stand on a file, I want to see its size and creation date, now I see the size when I mark a file, but I don’t see the creation date at all.
4. Command line, the ability to transfer to the bottom.
5. In the highlighting of files, it would be convenient if after the name of the file / folder (on the right), a mark "*" appeared with different colors, by which you can determine the date of creation / modification of the file within 1 week, I think this is a very convenient feature, now it can be done only through filters.
6. Add to the color settings, the ability to fill the cursor completely.
7. I would like more preset hot keys, such as CTRL + H, to display hidden files, etc.

Mathias (Author):
1. I been think about something like that but not sure if a super simple text editor really is needed when notepad exists on all system, because it would only be a simple editor
2. You can edit and rename the column
3. App Statusbar is used for other things.. but the plan is to maybe use the Explorer Panels bottom area where num selected files now are.
4. it is possible, disabled from UI config because of some reason I forgot. Was probably some problem with it
5. Don't understand?
6. You can, it depends on what color settings is enabled
7. You can add most of the hot keys you want your self. and hotkey can also active script so you can do lots with that

5. I'll try to explain. Let's say we have a file/folder that was created today. I suggest that opposite this file, for example "filename.txt      *", put the symbol "*", and if the file was edited today, then "*" - in red, if yesterday, then in blue, if 2 days, then in some other color . It is very comfortable. Files older than 1 week are not marked with "*"



we already have file coloring rules which will achieve what you want (without any programming changes needed).


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