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Possible bug (?) related to file colors


Hi guys.

It's my first time using MultiCommander. I think the software is fantastic. So far, I got no crashes, no major bugs, and a very fast performance and response time. My thanks to the developer and the supporting community. That said, I believe that I found a bug (or I messed up the settings).

On "Explorer Panel Settings", under the "Colors" tab, it is possible to change the text color for files and folders according to their attributes. When I changed that I noticed that read-only folders are colored, but read-only files remais the same.

As an example, I created 16 files and  16 folders, and mark then with different R/A/S/H attributes settings. I don't use this speciffic coloring scheme, I changed to make the image clearer, but The same thing occurs with any text and background configurations.

I'm using:

Microsoft Windows 10, version 20H2, compilation 19042.1526.
MultiCommander 64bits edition v11.6 (build 2845)

In the image, I set the coloring scheme that way:

GREEN -> normal and unselect files and folders
MAGENTA -> system and hidden files and folders
RED -> Readonly files and foders
YELLOW and BLUE shades -> selected and/or/focused

To avoid confusion or mistakes, I placed the focus on another file and I assure that no files or folders are selected.

As you can see, there are two RED folders (readonly, non-system, non-hidden), but there is no RED files.

I cannot found a way to change the readonly files color. Is there a bug, or is my bad english (sorry for that) messing with me?


Sure.  Take a look at:

Menu > Configuration > File Coloring Rules Editor...

Mathias (Author):
Yes might be a bug for Readonly for the simple coloring
You can use the Rules based file coloring is much more powerful and allow for more control.


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