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Checkbox not remembered


Before the Only auto close on short processes checkbox always remained checked but since a few versions ago that checkbox is unchecked everytime I press Copy or Move. I check that checkbox everytime but it does not remember the state.

The Auto Close progress window when done checkbox works as it should - it does remember its state.

Multi Commander (x64) v11.6 (build 2845) running in portable mode

There is:

--- Code: ---<autoclose value="1"/>
<onlyautocloseshort value="1"/>
--- End code ---

in MultiCommander.xml and the option Only auto close on short processes in Configuration > Core Settings... > Filesystem is checked but when I use F5 or F6 to copy or move the files that option is unchecked.

Mathias (Author):
Fix in build 2885+ (current beta)


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