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Issue with copy to existing file


I have two panels with the same folder x:\temp, and there are 2 files there:

--- Code: ---x:\temp\file.txt
--- End code ---

I want to copy file_bak.txt to file.txt (overwrite content).
After copying action I get new file named file.txt (1). No overwrite dialog appears.
Repeated copy action creates file.txt (2) and so on.

It is not wat copy action should does.

Mathias (Author):
What copy should do depends and veryies depending on person..

There are many ways to copy files in MC and some of them are not handled by MC but by Windows. and some bypass some stages.
so first,  How do you copy the file .. copy paste ? using copy button or hotkey ? or Drag and drop ? other ?  some modes does not allow you to start a copy to and from same path

If you want to replace x:\temp\file.txt with x:\temp\file_bak.txt you can do drag and drop and drop file_bak.txt on file.txt and you are asked via a popup menu if you want to copy and replace or move and replace


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