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Problem with the renaming tool



I'm brand new to this software so forgive me if I'm doing something stupid or obvious. I am trying to use the renaming tool (Capitalize Aa and it seems to work fine, as all the files in the Multicommander window show as being properly capitalized after the operation is run, but when I look at the files in my windows file explorer, no changes have actually been made. If I press refresh in the Multicommander window the files revert back to their original states there as well. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a finalize command that I am possibly missing? This is driving me insane. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

Many thanks, in advance,

- TDKGuy

Mathias (Author):
That is strange. I'm not able to reproduce that

What OS is that on? I know that XP had issue when renaming files when only changing upper case and lower case, since the file system is not case sensitive it did not fell that it as a change and did not actually change the name even if they file system function said the rename was successful.
Or is it remote network device ?
what filesystem NTFS ? FAT32 ?

Do you have the issue on all devices or just some devices ?


I'm running on Windows 10 Home and renaming files on an exFAT formatted usb drive. I haven't tried any other files on different drives so I can't answer your question. I think the issue is the same as what you said, not being able to rename by only changing from lower to upper case. I seem to have found workaround it by renaming, then immediately renaming again (_ to space) then back (space to _). It's a lot of extra steps considering I am trying to rename over 80k files but it is certainly easier than doing it all manually.

Thanks for your response.

- TDKGuy

Mathias (Author):
Looks like this is an old issue with the exFAT filesystem and Windows.  Windows say the rename was successful, but if only upper/lower casing was change for new name, it will not be changed.

A workaround would be to use the MultiRename tool in MC and change the casing there and also add a "_" in the beginning or something.. and then after that, Rename them again and remove the _ character.
Then the name are changed and not just upper/lower casing.


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