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Bottom button row problem



i have a problem. The lower button row sometimes change automatically. This is very frustrating. Have any trick to fix this? Normally i need the norton/total commander's button row.
F3 - view F4 - edit F5 - copy F6 - move F7 - mkdir F8 - delete
now the f5 is refresh f9 is move f4 copy... But sometimes the lower button row is good. Why change the function?  What trigger this? How to disable it?


Mathias (Author):
Hmm They do not change by them self without you telling it to
It depends on what setup you selected..  In commander styled setup you got F5 for copy.. and F5 for Refresh in Windows Explorer Styled setup

Menu > Configuration > Quick look'n'Feel setup
There you can quickly change to some settings. however it can overwrite some custom settings you done.. If you only want to change key.. then select customize and only select to change keyboard to command styled. then apply and restart app

Thank You!

I'm sure that in the installer i'm chosen the "commander" like feel. But i'm restored a config from my previous laptop. But on that laptop is the button worked good. Hmmm weird. I'm never choosen the "windows" like feel...



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