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Hi Mathias,

small glitch in default DataPreviewTemplates_tpl.xml

Line 102:        <Text Column="0" Row="4" ColSpan="2" Text="${MCPictureProp.img_dimensions}" />
Line 103:        <Text Column="0" Row="4" ColSpan="2" Text="${MCPictureProp.fnum} ${MCPictureProp.exposure} ${MCPictureProp.exposurebias}" />

Text is displayed overlapping. Think code should be:

Line 102:        <Text Column="0" Row="4" Text="${MCPictureProp.img_dimensions}" />
Line 103:        <Text Column="1" Row="4" Text="${MCPictureProp.fnum} ${MCPictureProp.exposure} ${MCPictureProp.exposurebias}" />

ColSpan="2" removed and "1" instead of "0" in line 103

Mathias (Author):

The glitch is the Row.  Seconds Row=4 should have been 5. and All the other should jump one step..

        <Text Column="0" Row="4" ColSpan="2" Text="${MCPictureProp.img_dimensions}" />
        <Text Column="0" Row="5" ColSpan="2" Text="${MCPictureProp.fnum} ${MCPictureProp.exposure} ${MCPictureProp.exposurebias}" />

        <Text Column="0" Row="6" Text="File date" />
        <Text Column="1" Row="6" Text="${}" />

        <Text Column="0" Row="7" Text="Picture date"/>
        <Text Column="1" Row="7" Text="${}" HideRowIfEmpty="True"/>

        <Text Column="0" Row="8" Text="${@,MCPictureProp.model}"/>
        <Text Column="1" Row="8" Text="${MCPictureProp.model}" HideRowIfEmpty="True"/>

OK, also a solution ;)
Thx for the explanation.


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