Author Topic: [Issue] MC.Utils.FindAndReplace and OVERWRITE param  (Read 5586 times)


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[Issue] MC.Utils.FindAndReplace and OVERWRITE param
« on: December 08, 2022, 14:05:12 »
I have the following UDC:

Code: [Select]
MC.Utils.FindAndReplace REPLACEALL MODE="Many" FIND="fff\nddd" REPLACEWITH="zzz\naaa" FILE="d:\\temp\\1.txt" TARGET="*_new.*" SILENT OVERWRITE
It works if target file doesn't exist and doesn't work otherwise

UPD. It seems that TARGET param doesn't support direct file names. I.e. if TARGET="d:\\temp\\1_new.txt" it doesn't work. Mask works OK.
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