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Folder tree needs some refinements


I think folder tree leaves something to be desired.

For one, a middle mouse click on a folder from the folder tree should open that folder in a new tab.
Middle mouse click does open folders in new tab from explorer window, but not from the folder tree for some reason.
This is a standard feature in most file managers, I'm not sure why it's not available here.
If this is currently possible, please tell me how.

Secondly, I would love to be able to change font size for folder tree and explorer separately.
I like explorer to have a slightly bigger font so that it's easier to read, and file tree to have a smaller font size to be able to see more folders at a time.
As far as I know, you can only change font size for both at the same time, but not separately.

Finally, the + and - icons look kinda ugly.
They are slightly too big in my opinion, and having completely white color makes them look ugly and outdated in dark mode.
I think this problem has been posted about before, but it was ignored, and I think it's worth implementing.

Thanks in advance.


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