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All of a sudden my pack and unpack buttons at the top are not working... I cannot pack or unpack...
how can I fix this? I've uninstalled and reinstalled and no difference.

Mathias (Author):
Is it only the buttons that does not work ?
Do the Pack/Unpack in the Menu ( File > Pack files / File > Unpack Files ) work ?
DO the short cut keys work ?

Is it only the Pack/Unpack button in the toolbar that does not work or is it all the buttons there ?

It's only the pack/unpack buttons in the tool bar that don't work... all the other buttons work

Under Multicommander... the pack files work and unpack work

I just tried alt-f5 and alt-f6 and those work... it's just the buttons that don't

Just noticed that the copy, move and delete buttons are also not working

Mathias (Author):
I cannot reproduce it and the error is very strange.
The command in the Menu and Toolbar is connected to the same action. so that one work and one does not is very strange.

Never seen that happen. And I don't understand how it can happen on your machine / setup.
Might be some other program running that comes into conflict with MC.. Like some program that hook it self into other processes or something like that. Hard to say


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