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allow both Retry and Find Process in both Rename and Move file when locked


When MultiCommander tries to move or rename a file that is being used by another process, the response is different depending on whether it is being Moved or Renamed.

For moving, it says: (this is a cut&paste of the error dialog text)
Cannot open the file 'MyDocumentFilename.pdf'.
It is being used by another program.
Close any program that might be using the file and try again
Retry   Skip   Skip All   Cancel   

For renaming, it says: (this is a cut&paste of the error dialog text)
Rename of file/folder failed
Unable to rename because of sharing violation.
Another process might be using this file/folder.

Do you want to search for processes that are using the file/folder?
Yes   No   Cancel   

For me, the "Retry" behaviour is far more convenient since I usually know what the offending program is (my PDF reader has the file open while I'm trying to Rename/Move a PDF file), so my wish is for the renaming dialog to also have a simple "Retry" button so I can close the file in the PDF reader and click on "Retry" without having to type in the desired new filename again (which is complex and specific). 

Other people might find it useful to locate the process that is keeping the file open.  But why not have both functionalities in both Move and Rename?  It seems like the required code is already part of MultiCommander, so it just needs to be unified to say something like Retry? Skip? Skip All? Find Process? Cancel?  (the "skip" options don't have to appear on the Rename dialog)


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