Author Topic: Why are QuickPath shortcuts opening in Windows Explorer?  (Read 5842 times)


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Why are QuickPath shortcuts opening in Windows Explorer?
« on: August 22, 2023, 14:15:23 »

Thank you for the great software. I have and issue with QuickPath.

QuickPath will open the shortcut by opening Windows Explorer to the intended path.
    <favitem name="Contract" type="" quickid="1"01_PM\BILLING</favitem>

Am I getting the syntax wrong? Here're are some expamles of paths I'm trying to use QuickPaths for.

While in a project folder (context below), I'll go the following QuickPaths and get the following results.

Nothing happens                        <favitem name="BILLING" type="" quickid="1">\01_PM\BILLING\</favitem>
Nothing happens                        <favitem name="CONTACT" type="" quickid="2">\01_PM\CONTACT</favitem>
Opens in Windows Explorer        <favitem name="MINUTES" type="" quickid="3">02_COMM\MINUTES\</favitem>

My company has a project folder structure that is the same for every project. In my mind this is the perfiect use for QuickPaths once I navigate to the appropriate project. In this case, I have the following projects as an expample.
Here are three projects:


Every Project has the same folder structure and here are the typical folders I access.


Therefore the following are my QuickPaths
    <favitem name="BILLING" type="" quickid="1">\01_PM\BILLING\</favitem>
    <favitem name="CONTACT" type="" quickid="2">\01_PM\CONTACT\</favitem>
    <favitem name="MINUTES" type="" quickid="3">\02_COMM\MINUTES\</favitem>
    <favitem name="PHOTOS" type="" quickid="4">\03_PROJECT_EXECUTION\02_PHOTOS\</favitem>
    <favitem name="PRJ_FUNDING" type="" quickid="5">\03_PROJECT_EXECUTION\05_PRJ_FUNDING\</favitem>
    <favitem name="PERMITS" type="" quickid="6">\03_PROJECT_EXECUTION\06_PERMITS\</favitem>
    <favitem name="DELIVERABLES" type="" quickid="7">\05_DELIVERABLES\</favitem>
    <favitem name="CHANGEME" type="" quickid="8">CHANGEME</favitem>
    <favitem name="CHANGEME" type="" quickid="9">CHANGEME</favitem>
    <favitem name="CHANGEME" type="" quickid="10">CHANGEME</favitem>


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Re: Why are QuickPath shortcuts opening in Windows Explorer?
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2023, 18:37:13 »
After reading up on this, it appears that my interpretation of QuickLinks may be wrong. These may just be bookmarks with hotkeys. I'll leave this question up in case my original question is solvable.