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Update the Microsoft store version?

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Mathias would it be possible to update the Microsoft store version?  It's currently at 12.0 (2904).

I'm having some issues with zip files and I think it is fixed in more recent versions.

many thanks

Any thoughts on this?

Mathias (Author):
It is coming. It failed auto validation when publishing new version. So I needed to rework how somethings works. MS changes rules sometimes on what APIs you are allowed to use for Store apps..

Thanks Mathias. I have noticed that some of my favourite apps (e.g. Notepad++) have pulled from the Store because MS have Changed Things. I am really hoping MultiCommander will stay!


--- Quote from: JPCoetzee on March 27, 2023, 17:09:42 ---Store because MS have Changed Things.

--- End quote ---
My Store App is broken - it dosn't matter.


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