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Editing menu shortcuts (C, D, Desktop, Downloads) is not saved



Sorry to say but quick links (or shortcuts, or whatever you call them) in Multi Commander are very badly designed.

I've added Desktop and Downloads, clicked Save (seriously? why would I not want to save it?), but despite saving after restarting MC they disappear, the widget still shows only drive C and D.

This is what I mean:

I also cannot drag'n'drop my own custom folders to this widget and there is no way to add them, seems I can only add the folders that are in the dropdown.

Mathias (Author):
The device toolbar.
Yes it is a bit crazy because of legacy reason and that it takes to much time to rewrite everything. ( got it on my list, but other stuff felt more important to add/fix)
That real controls the layout of the DeviceToolbar is in ExplorerPanelSettings > Layout (tab) and then go to section  Under Toolbars > Main windows Toolbars > Drive Buttons
There you can activate groups of buttons.
But then sometimes you wanted to customize that.. and then go to the Device Filter tab in the settings..
There you can to more fine tune customization of all device/virtual devices to be shown.

And no you cannot drag and drop to that bar since only special items can be there. But you can drag and add a folder to the quick launch bar. (the bar after the command line field, you can also activate an entire row of the quick launch bar in settings if you have many)

Thanks for answering, I was not aware I can drag and drop to quick launch bar! So I can use that one for custom folders instead.


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