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Standby while copying on Windows 11


Hello, I've noticed the following issue:
MultiCommander does not prevent the system from going in to standby while copying files to a network location (possibly local too)
If the copy time is so long that the system time-to-standby passes, the computer enters standby.

I've encountered this issue while copying large video files from an USB SSD to a Samba network share.

- MultiCommander v12.8, build 2929
- Windows 11 Pro 22H2, build 22621.1702

Mathias (Author):
MC do not block sleep at the moment. but depending on settings, Windows will not put it to sleep if there are lots of IO activity.., But depends on power profile.

But I will check if is possible to add some more control of this.

Thank you.
Regarding power settings - I'm on a laptop, using one of the existing power plans - "Power" - customized to turn off the display after 3 minutes and put the computer to sleep after 5 minutes.


--- Quote from: darius on June 07, 2023, 13:42:40 ---computer to sleep after 5 minutes.
--- End quote ---
Configure the power button for sleep mode and press that power button when you leave your computer. And remove the pointless energy-saving plan.


--- Quote from: Matthias515566 on June 08, 2023, 13:15:48 --- remove the pointless energy-saving plan.

--- End quote ---

I think "pointless" is quite subjective in this situation.
For me the power saving plan is quite useful since 50% of the time I have 2 laptops on my desk, and sometimes even three.
For me it is quite useful to have the laptop stand by after a few minutes since I don't always know in advance if I will need to get back to a laptop in 10 seconds, 3 minutes or 1 hour.

Also, the use case for which I posted here is the following:
- I start a file transfer to/from SD cards, external HDDs, external SSDs, network locations, internet ftp locations.
- The transfer can take anywhere from a few seconds to over 1 hour
- I need the transfer to be completed and then the laptop can go into standby according to power settings even if I'm not in the room when the transfer completes.
- Even if I'm still in the room I may be deep into a different task which takes up all my attention and there would be a waste of energy to have the laptop just stay on indefinitely until I remember to check on the file transfer.

For example see attachment. It's the second time I had to start this transfer because I got pulled into a meeting while this transfer was going on. When I got back, the laptop was off and upon starting the MC transfer window was there but the transfer was stuck.


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