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Support fzf and/or act as Broot



First thank you for this excellent program that I use since many years.
Navigating in the different folders of my PC would be a lot easier if I could use something like fzf ( or a system like Broot (
First, I do everything with my keyboard so I'd like to have a shortcut to open a popup/window/modal where I will just have to type a few words to navigate into my PC folders.
For example, typing, just "sys32" will propose me c:\windows\system32.

It could be also available in the search, the one we can can use on the bottom right of each tab.

Hope you will consider a such feature, tell me if you need more information but Broot is an excellent example of what we could have in MultiCommander.


Mathias (Author):
You can type commands in the command line field like "cd <path>"  or other things..
And then with Alias in Menu > Configuration > manage Alias

You can define a text that you write in the command line field. and what that should be translated into..
So for example you can create an alias "sys32" that do "cd c:\Windows\System32"

Thank you for your answer.


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