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I have an annoying problem with mc 13.5: Sometimes I work with MC and others apps, the MC windows stays in background, and I need to close and reopen it to see it in foreground. Is there any option I don't see for avoid that problem? or is it a glitch?


Mathias (Author):
I never seen that. In what situations is it happening. Is is reproducible ?

I can't say if that problem is reproducible (with difficult I can express it in English haha). Simply I have many windows open, I change from one window y another y simply mc stays behind others apps. And it is happens randomly, somtimes occur, sometimes dont.

I investigated this problem and it's happend when I open multiples files from same app (mostly my pdf reader, Foxit Reader, but sometines happend with powerpoint).

Mathias (Author):
MC do not control that. It is handled by the Windows manager in Windows.
Only time MC messes with that is if you force it to be "topmost" using cmd "topmost 1" in cmdline field.
But that sets it to top window.. not bottom.


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