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Go to Sibling Folder Faster


Mathias (Author):
For example say that you got the following folders at a location.


You enter FolderB, And then you want to go to FolderC, Now you first need to go up to the parent folder and then select FolderC and enter it.
But with the Go to sibling folder commands you can go the the previous or next sibling folder directly.

So when you are in FolderB and if you instead choose to press Ctrl+PageDown it will take you directly to FolderC.
If you have pressed Ctrl+PageUp it would have taken you to FolderA

Mathias, is this just something you are thinking about? It doesn't seem to work for me (current Beta, build 1182)

Mathias (Author):
No it should work.  It might not work if you have modified to use pageup/down for something else.

It is also using the same sorting that you currently have and if the next item is not a valid folder, it will not go to it.


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