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So Windows does do something right after all?  :P

I will rescale them to 16x16 & add them later just in case.

Some 16s & 24s attached.
+ Colour change on the ? ico (btw Black background in screenshot is transparency)

As rename icons usually show a caret I should add one, will look for something appropriate & post if I find s/thing.

A couple more icons:
cog for settings edit, pencil for rename dialog.
In 16, 24 & 32 sizes

2 additonal icons based on free for non-commercial files from  assume they can be used by MC but will be OK for home-users in any case.
My hybrid for explorer panel settings
& another rename (!)
(Capture2.jpg &

Additionally I found some 3-state buttons royalty free, eg  - that could liven up the standard tool bars.

Added shadow etc to the explorer settings icon, different find icon.


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