Author Topic: Multi Commander v3.0 ALPHA Build 1330  (Read 11151 times)

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Multi Commander v3.0 ALPHA Build 1330
« on: January 27, 2013, 15:55:28 »
Multi Commander v3.0 ALPHA (Build 1330)

   Portable 32bit
   Portable 64bit

Changes 200+ Changes since v2.8.1

-- Build 1330 - 60+ Changes since build 1315

  ADDED - Audio,Video,NTFS,Picture file properties now has support for MultiLanguage texts.
  ADDED - Language editor can now restore/import language packs.
  CHANGE- Lots of API Cleanup and changes.
  FIXED - Script engine can not return a const array of variables correct.
  FIXED - Update program can will now remove old language files when updating.(We are now using LangPack files instead)
  ===[Added Fixes from v2.8.2 ] == >
  ADDED - MultiScript function for working with file attributes ( AddFileAttributes/Set.../Remove.../Get../Has...)
  ADDED - MultiScript function MoveFile(....)
  ADDED - Search now support exclude filtering.
  FIXED - If 'New version' checking at startup was aborted or timed out could hang MultiCommander.
  FIXED - Some wildcard matching problem with Search Tool.
  FIXED - Crash issue if Multi Commander was closed before all of the startup tasks was finished.
  FIXED - Favorites Windows is now shown in the places that HotPath was shown before.
  FIXED - Some issues with the Favorites Windows
  FIXED - 2 Crashes reported by crash report system
  << ==[Added Fixes from v2.8.2 ] ==

Changes from previous alpha versions is found here