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Multi Commander v3.1 RC Build 1397
« on: April 14, 2013, 12:26:32 »
Multi Commmander v3.1 (Build 1397) BETA -  155+ Changes

Changes since build 1385
ADDED - Able to hide delete options dialog when deleting to recyle bin. (Use at own risk)
ADDED - Command to show/hide hidden files. (No default hotkey set yet)
ADDED - Rule based coloring support "Contains", "BeginWith" , "EndsWith, and "Has" for attributes
ADDED - Row configuration for the button panel in Core Settings.
ADDED - Alternative commands for the button panel can be disabled.
ADDED - Custom Command "SetActiveTab" now support "Next" and "Prev" as tab parameter.
ADDED - Rename multiple item using move to same path.(shift+F6) is now using target name filter.
ADDED - FileOperations settings that was access from CopyTo dialog is not also available from configuration menu
ADDED - Change file properties dialog (Attributes and FileTime) can now also change Created and LastAccess time.
ADDED - Custom Command "MC.Explorer.SizeFolder" no support the parameter "ONLYFOCUS" that will only size folder that are in focus
FIXED - 1 Crash problem reported by Crash report system.

Changes since build 1390
CHANGE- Changed how checking for new version works.
FIXED - QuickLaunchBar handled relatives paths better.
ADDED - QuickLaunchBar can create relative paths better
ADDED - QuickLaunchBar can now be configured on how to handle dropped files.
ADDED - Show hidden files command and Search command now available in menu and toolbar
FIXED - Lots of internal fixes and improvements.

Changes in previous beta

How to update to beta version

(Reply to this post if you have any issues or questions about the changes that are listed new for the beta here. For other issue use the normal Support forum board.)