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This started with v11 Build 2770.

The first time I launch MC and dive into the structure of a network volume, once I get a few folders deep, MC stops responding (title bar shows "not responding") and, some seconds later, MC crashes/vanishes. I relaunch MC, switch into that volume again and, this time, it seems to work just fine. I will note that I have seen it crash again but, if I delay going more than a few folders deep, that second crash doesn't happen.

The network volume is on a Mac running OSX.something (10.11 probably) with SMB enabled. It's a Serviio DLNA server that provides media to my Rokus. MC never asks for the login for that volume (presumably because Windows remembers the credentials).

As mentioned above, this issue started immediately upon updating to v11 Build 2770; never happened prior to that. I've set the crash log to "medium" info and it appears this is being uploaded to you automatically.

If there's more info needed from me, please advise and I'll do what I can. Thank you very much.


Icons are everywhere. What does the icon mean? Oh, I can hover my mouse over it and see text of what it does. Well, why not just give me an option to lose most of the icons and simple have the one or two words that describes what the icon is supposed to do? Seems to me it would simplify the user interface greatly. I've attached a screenshot of the standard toolbar but will, if requested, follow this up with a modified picture showing what I mean.


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