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Checking the box to <remember the choice for this application> does no good...

Then the fault is clearly that of Foxit reader...
Support and Feedback / Re: Valid Signature to stop error messages in PDF reader
« Last post by CatManDo on January 22, 2022, 22:00:24 »
I also have this problem and since I work with a lot of PDFs it's driving me crazy. This is becoming a deal breaker in an excellent program. FOR YOUR INFORMATION: Foxit Reader is a superb PDF utility that is way better than Adobe Reader.
I attached a screenshot of the error message. Checking the box to <remember the choice for this application> does no good and the error message is displayed every time a PDF is opened from within the Foxit program.
Support and Feedback / Re: Moving dir/file with F6
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on January 21, 2022, 11:29:29 »
There is no settings to remove it. Since some copy settings and extra copy features only can be set from there, And not showing it prevents that.
Just pressing return key will confirm dialog and close it.

But you can create a new copy command by create a new UserDefinedCommand and use the MC.EXPLORER.COPY command with NODIALOG option
Then assign that command to a hotkey

Support and Feedback / Re: copy directory structure
« Last post by Mathias (Author) on January 21, 2022, 11:24:48 »
In the CopyTo dialog you get when starting a copy operation just and enter a filter, You adding a exclude filter by adding "-" at the beginning of it. So a filter of "-*.*" will exclude all files and only copy the folders.
Just make sure the option "do not copy/move empty folders" are checked
Support and Feedback / copy directory structure
« Last post by fklopper on January 18, 2022, 21:52:33 »
Is it possible to copy a directory with sub-directorys without the files in the directorys
I want to copy the directory structure.

Greetings Fred
Support and Feedback / Moving dir/file with F6
« Last post by Pinball on January 18, 2022, 16:31:52 »
Is it possible to move dirs/files by pressing F6 and not having to see this additional window pop up that needs a further keypress to complete the operation?
In other words, higlight the file in the left pane, press F6 and it gets moved immediately to the right window.
Support and Feedback / Re: Unexpected behavior when renaming directories
« Last post by Pinball on January 18, 2022, 16:22:22 »
Dear Mathias,
thanks for the hint concerning my problem.
I did now try to reproduce the behavior (having updated from 11.5 to 11.6 in the meantime) but renaming worked fine now, even after numerous operations.
I will keep in mind to look in the log file if the problem reappears.
Support and Feedback / Re: Can not open a zipped html in Browser Chrome
« Last post by commander on January 18, 2022, 11:33:36 »
Not sure what you mean.. Maybe you are trying to say something else.

But if you has a zip file and browse into that with mc and select to view or execute a file. That file must be unpack from the zip to some place.. But MC only unzip that file. not the entire archive. Because often that are not wanted you want if you only want to view one file. How ever web pages that are save are built up from many many files. so when the web browser opens the html file and want to read the rest. the rest is not there.
Sorry, I didn't describe my issue well.
Each zip has one and only one file, html. That html doesn't depend on any external resources. I have uploaded a, which writes only <html><p>Hello World</p></html>. Just double click zip and then double click the html in MC. Hope you could reproduce what I said. (Chrome is invoked but it can't find the temporarily extracted html)
Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: New features
« Last post by AlanJB on January 17, 2022, 12:33:13 »

we already have file coloring rules which will achieve what you want (without any programming changes needed).
Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: New features
« Last post by Stanislav on January 16, 2022, 19:51:29 »
5. I'll try to explain. Let's say we have a file/folder that was created today. I suggest that opposite this file, for example "filename.txt      *", put the symbol "*", and if the file was edited today, then "*" - in red, if yesterday, then in blue, if 2 days, then in some other color . It is very comfortable. Files older than 1 week are not marked with "*"

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