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I might be able to add that.. problem with shortname are that they are legacy and are not always available. It is a feature many turn off to improve filesystem performance.
Also windows 10 is disabling it by default for none system partitions.

If parameters have spaces you should really use " around the parameter instead relying on 8.3 names. you are just asking for problem down the line.

Yes this is a know problem I got on my list. It is a weird edge case.

Problem is that at first it detected that D:\Source and E:\Link really are the same volume
And if you do a move on same volume, the file content is not copied. the entry in the filesystem is just renamed so it is located on a new path . Like if you did not go via the symlink..  Then D:\Source would just be renamed to D:\Target\Source and no need to copy data. But this does not work over a symlink.

There are also a couple of way to solve this. Problem is that both have there own issue and drawback.

Not even windows explorer is consistent..
Copy D:\Source to E:\Link it will resolve the link and do a rename
Copy from D:\Source to E:\Link\SubFolder it does a full copy
and copying from E:\Link to D:\ it will do a full copy.

I will see if there are some easy fix for this.

I fix so the field are cleared until they are used..

Beta Releases / Re: Version 12 * BETA *
« on: June 05, 2022, 15:49:19 »
Hover Data Preview-feature is really nice.
How about these icon set for this feature?

A bit more square, I like it. I will try it out. Thanks a lot.

Beta Releases / Re: Version 12 * BETA *
« on: June 05, 2022, 15:47:31 »
& I noticed that the tabs - with custom colours now get blacked out randomly.... bug or not?

Hmm not see anything with that. what does it look like?

Hi Mathias,
did you find anything on the tabs issue I have? 
Here are some more examples, 3 screens of the same section of tab bar:-
Mouse cursor position determines color for some tabs, as you can see mousing away reverts others to black & in some cases color changes if selected (red to blue in the attached).
Tabs still showing colors are persistent between MC starts/reboots, the black tabs seem to always be the same & will call color on mouse contact.
I've tried reassigning colors to 'faulty' tabs but the new settings don't have any effect.

No able to recreate that  yet,
Hm wait I think there are a change, If you go in to tab properties you can now define different colors for when tab is active and inactive.
Might be that if that is not configure if does not fallback to the correct color ? So test if it helps to define an color for when tab is inactive

Beta Releases / Re: Version 12 * BETA *
« on: June 05, 2022, 15:36:37 »
Say mention above.. PDF support is not fully there yet, It will probably be added in the next beta unless the Windows Preview API cause issues
Only want to report, that per default no preview handler for pdf is installed on Windows 10.

Actually Edge installs a preview handler for pdf by default.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\102.0.1245.33\PdfPreview\PdfPreviewHandler.dll

Not sure if you install something else will remove the connections for that, I guess that if you install another pdf reader that reader might install its own Pdf preview handler.

Look in startup log (Ctrl+L) it wil say what modules

This can happen if something goes wrong with update so the .exe and the extension .dll versions does not match,

You can do a force upgrade, that will upgrade even if no new version is found. by starting MultiUpdate.exe and in settings there , check the "Force update even if no new version found"

Beta Releases / Re: Version 12 * BETA *
« on: May 31, 2022, 22:35:21 »

The icon you proposed above is much better then in beta version :-)

Anyway, there is some issue with keyboard shortcuts.
Since years I have F2 for rename, and F7 for new folder. In newest beta something has changed, please see attached screen. Even if shortcut is wrong, F2 and F7 is working correctly, there is only visualization issue in button panel.


F7 for new folder is default..
Not been able to reproduce that,, strange. will see how that can happend.
How does your CustomKeymappings.xml file look like.

Beta Releases / Re: Version 12 * BETA *
« on: May 31, 2022, 11:54:37 »
A Better Hide / Show icon,, better then the temporary that was in the beta

Grey and half closed when hidden files are hidden and so no. full color and open when all files are shown

Beta Releases / Re: Version 12 * BETA *
« on: May 30, 2022, 22:28:29 »
1. Im not happy with the new icon either, it will change, but Im also not happy with the old. the icon don't really say what it does.
  Hide/Show things are often shown with an "eye" kind of icon. Will see if I can fix a better one, the current are really bad, maybe the eye should not be transparent, but white..
 Not sure.

3. Hmm Is it not kind of overkill to be able to customize all the colors in the favorites windows? been thinings about maybe removing that. fells like to much, Maybe should just follow the colors setup for file list instead. Anyway, until that it should work so will take a look
4. Hmm Strange that should be translatable, I will check.
5. I will check
6. It will be possible to remap it.  Not sure what to use as default. It will always conflict with some users personal setup
7.  Yes it does. Works for me,  strange, sure you have not clear the mapping ?
8. Yes I know, many windows are not fixed. It require lots of work for each windows, So many windows that are not shown so often have low prio.. However MultiRename windows is high on the list

Hi Mathias,

I'm sending some points which I found in new release (probably issues regarding favourite window was also in previous version):
1. I think icon for show/hide hidden files was good, better then new one - in my opinion (Please see Screen1.jpg).
2. If you plan to keep new icon, is it possibility to standardize it, I mean the same folder icon in the background, like one showed with green underline? (Please see Screen2.jpg)
3. Favourite window – there is issue with font colour, as you can see font should be yellow, but unfortunately is in grey like full row marking. Hover colour is also not working correctly. (Please see Screen3.jpg)
4. No possible to translate Inactive option, I think this is added function, but honestly speaking I was not able to test it during work with MC - could you give more details about it? (Please see Screen4.jpg)
5. No possible to translate sentences marked in orange. (Please see Screen5.jpg)
6. I think shortcut for Hover data preview CTRL+H should not be set as a default; I’m using this shortcut to show/hide hidden & system files and after update I had a conflict. So maybe there is a chance that MC after update will check if there are shortcut conflicts.
7. Pack and unpack command from menu and shortcut  (Alt+F5) doesn’t work.
8. There are still some windows not showed in dark mode like Multirename and others.


Beta Releases / Re: Version 12 * BETA *
« on: May 30, 2022, 22:13:52 »
Say mention above.. PDF support is not fully there yet, It will probably be added in the next beta unless the Windows Preview API cause issues
Only want to report, that per default no preview handler for pdf is installed on Windows 10.

Sure ? I have very little installed on one test setup and there I get previews for pdf in explorer. no pdf software installed.

Support and Feedback / Re: Plugin / Extension "Picture tool"
« on: May 30, 2022, 07:33:40 »
9MB is not that large.

It hard to say why without having an image that fail.. It can be anything. Like wrong jpg format that is not supported,  Corrupted, Using jpg features that the resize code does not support or something else

Beta Releases / Re: Version 12 * BETA *
« on: May 29, 2022, 17:33:21 »
The program starts really faster. Thanks for the Update.

New Hover Data Preview-feature is really nice.
PDFs - I'm using W10, but there is no preview. Only blank window.
Say mention above.. PDF support is not fully there yet, It will probably be added in the next beta unless the Windows Preview API cause issues

Yes most are known I think. I will check.. The one with size I can see if that can be made bigger or of some other word can be used
some of the english text can be translated dynamically

Support and Feedback / Re: Plugin / Extension "Picture tool"
« on: May 29, 2022, 17:28:08 »
How big,?  are there free space left on drive for it ?
Ctrl+L and you see the log..  Any error there ?
Do you have write permission to that folder ?

Beta Releases / Re: Version 12 * BETA *
« on: May 27, 2022, 13:38:42 »
& I noticed that the tabs - with custom colours now get blacked out randomly.... bug or not?

Hmm not see anything with that. what does it look like?

Beta Releases / Re: Version 12 * BETA *
« on: May 27, 2022, 12:51:48 »
Thanks for the new features Matthias. ;)

The enhanced hover tooltip looks good.  Shows a lot of blank space for my pdf's (see attached) but nice preview on jpgs.

See attached - I'm running in Dark mode & I noticed that the tabs - with custom colours now get blacked out randomly.... bug or not?
Yes pdf not supported yet.  It been prepared, it will be supported by Windows Preview handler api so if a preview handler for pdf is installed. (I think windows 10+ have that as default, not sure) it will be able to show pdf.

I forgot to disable the PDF preparation I done in the DataPreviewTemplates.xml file, before pushing a beta release

Beta Releases / Version 12 * BETA *
« on: May 26, 2022, 16:41:21 »

V 12.0  (Build 2885) (2-Jul-2022 )

 270+ Yes lots of changes.

-- 2885 -  ( 2-Jul-2022 )
  ADDED - Device dropdown can now show free space on device.
  ADDED - Option for Device Dropdown if it should show free space and if free space should be update when shown or not.
  ADDED - When executing file from within a archive. User now get ask if all files in archive should be unpack or just the selected file
  ADDED - Added some logging to app log if some uncommon error happens
  FIXED - Fixed option "Only auto close on short processes" for Copy/Move file operations
  FIXED - FileProperties (Columns) that should be fetched in the background was not always fetched in the background.
  FIXED - Fixed some text that was not using MultiLanguge system
  FIXED - Hover Preview did not use SqureImage option. it always used the standard thumbnail option for this not what was specified in template.

-- 2882 -  ( 23-Jun-2022 )
  ADDED - Zip now support LZMA/LZMA2 compression method for zip and unzip
  ADDED - Autodetect if AVX2 CPU instruction are available. if not zip/unzip is configured not to use AVX2 instructions.
  FIXED - Thread memory leak. Changed the parallel startup to use anohter thread method.
  FIXED - UTC date issue for extended date columns
  CHANGE- Default hotkey for Hover Preview change to Alt+Q

-- 2880 -  ( 17-Jun-2022 )
  ADDED - Default DataPreviewTemplates have been tweaked a bit
  ADDED - Data Preview templates can now define a default margin for columns or rows
  CHANGE- UI rendering of Data Preview that showing folder content changed
  FIXED - Improved error logging if WindowsPreview handler fails to show anything.
  FIXED - "NOPROGRESS" parameter for MultiScript function CopyFile/MoveFile now works again
  FIXED - Some places did not just multi langauge texts.
  FIXED - MultiText for a text for FSZip extension used duplicated text id

-- 2879 -  ( 10-Jun-2022 )
  UPDATE-  Hover Data Preview templates tweaked a bit
  ADDED -  Added Extended FileProp for Documents (ms office docs) using the Windows Property Service
  ADDED -  HoverDataPreview can now show horizontal line and program icon.
  FIXED -  Some extended date columns did not convert UTF date to local
  FIXED -  Unpacking multiple files from zip the filedate was not set correctly

-- 2877 -  ( 6-Jun-2022 )
  Added  - HoverDataPreview now support WindowsPreviewHandler so now PDF, docx, xlsx can be reviewed (office files require office installed)
  Fixed  - Overwrite option issue when unpacking multiple zip files.
  Fixed  - In some rare situation the default icons was not loaded during startup.
  Fixed  - Moving files via Symlink on other volume that points back to source volume
  Fixed  - If custom tab color is used but inactive color is not set. It will now used the same color for both active / inactive
  Fixed  - Various stability fixes

-- 2875 -  ( 26-Mar-2022 )
  Update - Zlib 3rd party library
  Update - Zip source updated and rewrites in MC Zip extension because of major zip api changes.
  Update - 7-Zip code to v21.07
  Update - Updated unrar source to v6.10.3
  Update - Updated 3rd party xml code library
  Added  - Hover data preview (beta) that can be toggled on/off with Ctrl+H or click on Talk-Bubble button on toolbar
  Added  - Menubar now support darkmode.
  Added  - Added support for creating zip archive with encryption PKCrypt or AES-256
  Added  - Added support for AES-256 encryption for zip
  Added  - Custom tab color can now be configured with a color for when the tab is both active and inactive.
  Fixed  - CopyUnpack copy pluging now detects first rar volume of RAR5 files correct.
  Fixed  - Filter button below filelist sometimes lost dark mode style
  Change - Massive code restructuring of core parts.

Hover Data Preview (Beta)
This is the new major feature to MultiCommander in this release.

This is a new type over hover tips (tooltip) when hovering over files. This hover tooltip can show lots more information.
But it can also be annoying if you do not need it. But when you need it you do not want to dig down in settings to enable it.
So Hover Data Preview tips are enabled/disabled using Ctrl+H, or press the new talk-bubble icon on the toolbar
(the talk bubble icon will turn green when enabled).

When enabled and when you hover over files you will get more information.
If you hover over an images and videos it will show the thumbnail. For text files it will show the first couple of line in the file.
For .exe file it will show version and other information. and so on.

Any file property that MultiCommander support can be shown in the Hover Data Preview tips.

What the Hover Data Preview tips are showing are customizable. However right now there is no UI for it.
But if you are brave you can try to edit the DataPreviewsTemplates.xml in config (copy it to your user config folder first) else you loose your changes when multicommander is updated.

Features missing from Hover Data Preview tips that are planned are
* Able to Zoom thumbnail that are show with mouse wheel ( probably need to hold shift and scroll to zoom )
* Able to show zip information for zip files. And what some of the zip inside the zip is
* When hovering over folder show the first folders/files in the folders
* Show Windows Preview in the Hover Data Preview tip. This will hook into the Preview Handler in Windows 10/11 and depending on what you have installed, you get more information on special files.

In the future some more extended features for the Hover Data preview is planed.

Please let me know if you fell that some information is missing from the Hover data preview tips.
Like when hovering for file type X it should show Y.

Support and Feedback / Re: Site Down?
« on: May 25, 2022, 23:29:09 »
no currently. There is issues move the site to https, and I have not had the time to fix it., however the forum works on https

Support and Feedback / Re: Site Down?
« on: May 24, 2022, 21:16:34 »
No it works.  Everything is there for me.. strange, don't know why it does not work for you
It works in edge and chrome for me.

Support and Feedback / Re: Sorting doesn't work at all
« on: May 22, 2022, 22:38:22 »
That sound very strange. 
It is all column or just some..
Nothing at all is happening no matter what column you click on ?
Only files or folder or both ?

Support and Feedback / Re: Issue with copy to existing file
« on: May 07, 2022, 11:55:38 »
What copy should do depends and veryies depending on person..

There are many ways to copy files in MC and some of them are not handled by MC but by Windows. and some bypass some stages.
so first,  How do you copy the file .. copy paste ? using copy button or hotkey ? or Drag and drop ? other ?  some modes does not allow you to start a copy to and from same path

If you want to replace x:\temp\file.txt with x:\temp\file_bak.txt you can do drag and drop and drop file_bak.txt on file.txt and you are asked via a popup menu if you want to copy and replace or move and replace

Support and Feedback / Re: folder names
« on: May 07, 2022, 10:07:11 »
Explorer Panel Settings > Display (tab)
Under "Sorting and Columns" section.. First option.. "Show link target in name column"

Support and Feedback / Re: Cannot unlock a Bitlocker drive
« on: May 03, 2022, 22:56:35 »
I cannot reproduce that.
Not sure why it does not work. MC is not doing anything it self with bitlocker. All that is handled by Windows.

No you cannot customize icons. But in the Favorites Window you can configure lots of favorites and they are then found under FAV: in the virtual filesystem. FAV: is found in the DropDown and tree and other places.

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