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MC do not block sleep at the moment. but depending on settings, Windows will not put it to sleep if there are lots of IO activity.., But depends on power profile.

But I will check if is possible to add some more control of this.

...up files, it will now save a 100/0 panel split. will not save a 100/0 panel split.
Yes  typo.. you are correct  it should say *NOT*

You can't (Unless you do unrecommended workarounds and set the split with script that run at startup)

Because MC is designed around the dual panel layout where one panel is default source and the "other" panel is the default target. It is not designed to be a single panel filemanager like Windows Explorer..
Even if you hide the panel (F11) it is still there and many function in MC depends on it and by hiding it you might do things in the panel that you don't know is there. So to avoid you messing up files, it will now save a 100/0 panel split.

This happens only if one gives the file name other than MultiCommander_ConfigBackup, I think.!AjdsXoty9xN2g2plfUkGr2WljrUA
Ok so the file extension is not added when you change the name in the File picker... that strange.. I will check

The device toolbar.
Yes it is a bit crazy because of legacy reason and that it takes to much time to rewrite everything. ( got it on my list, but other stuff felt more important to add/fix)
That real controls the layout of the DeviceToolbar is in ExplorerPanelSettings > Layout (tab) and then go to section  Under Toolbars > Main windows Toolbars > Drive Buttons
There you can activate groups of buttons.
But then sometimes you wanted to customize that.. and then go to the Device Filter tab in the settings..
There you can to more fine tune customization of all device/virtual devices to be shown.

And no you cannot drag and drop to that bar since only special items can be there. But you can drag and add a folder to the quick launch bar. (the bar after the command line field, you can also activate an entire row of the quick launch bar in settings if you have many)

Beta Releases / Re: v13.0 **BETA**
« on: May 30, 2023, 09:39:43 »
Hi Mathias, thx for the new RC.

Is there a problem with translation server`? Cannot update my latest updates for Language pack.
Got message that my public key is not correct!?
I found the error. It is the error in the new website system.. I will fix.. should work soon Try now

Dear Mathias,

I noticed, that a new MC backup file is created without a .zip extension. If I still need a new file I must first make a copy of the existing file, rename it, and only then use it as a new backup file.

I'm not able to reproduce that.
Can you explain more detailed what you are doing to make it happened

MC do not have any special sharepoint support.. But if you connect in WIndows to sharepoint shares so they are assigned to devices like S: or somethings.. then MC will be able to access it.

Beta Releases / Re: v13.0 **BETA**
« on: May 18, 2023, 12:43:53 »
However, I was merely extracting a single file, and the option was unavailable as it was greyed out.
It been like that since 2009.

Beta Releases / Re: v13.0 **BETA**
« on: May 17, 2023, 23:26:37 »
An archive is not being unpacked in the target folder, but rather in a subfolder of the target folder with the same name as the archive. I believe I recall this behavior being different in the past, when I could unpack the contents of the archive directly into the target folder.
When unpacking multiple files, you get them into subfolder if "unpack archive into individual folders" are checked in the unpack dlg. (and it is by default)

Support and Feedback / Re: Wrong IMG Dimension
« on: May 15, 2023, 08:38:25 »
Witch img diminsion columnn is that, there are two one that take the diminsion from the meta data. (faster) or the other that read
One is the dimensions stated in the metadata.. "Picture (EXIF) dimensions" and one that checks the actual image file "Picture (IMG) - Dimensions"

I guess the you show the size from the ExiF metadata.. This can be wrong if the image is resized and the program did not update the metadata tag with the new size.

Beta Releases / Re: v13.0 **BETA**
« on: May 10, 2023, 18:39:26 »
64bit version is now in the 64bit package

When the Upgrade tool start click on settings and check "upgrade 32bit to 64bit version" before you press start upgrade..

Beta Releases / Re: v13.0 **BETA**
« on: May 10, 2023, 08:11:44 »
Hello :D,
Mathias new update of MC Beta changes 64bit version to 32bit. Even if you check option "Upgrade 32bit version to 64bit" in MultiUpdate, it still installs 32bit version.
What's interesting, it downloads zip file with 64bit version (MultiCommander_x64_Update_(, but after installation it turns out to be 32bit.
Ahhh.. Ok the new publishing script must name the files wrong. I will fix that that tonight with a new version.

That is strange. But some AntiVirus software are hooking them self into the process of running application..

Are you activating the scanning from within MC ?  and how ? context menu ?
What AV software is it ?

Beta Releases / Re: v13.0 **BETA**
« on: May 09, 2023, 17:13:23 »
Mathias i have a widget on the desktop that shows cpu for processes. This mc beta shows between 6 and 7% cpu being idle. I never saw that before so i downgraded to latest stable and cpu use is normal again, so low it doesn't even show up anymore.
Also where is the page to download older beta's please, the previous one was working fine.

Also, while i have your ear, for me a weak point in mc, my favorite filemanager, it how it handles a network share that is gone, it does not respond for a long time, no other filemanager takes so long.

That very strange since there is no new functions that run in the background or anything like that. difference between the two beta are very low, only fixes and only major change are in Preview Panel, and if you did not even use that. everything is like before.
Can you create a dump of the process when it using CPU and upload to

I don't think MC can take longer before responding then others, when shares are gone, unless some other program bypasses Windows Networking and do there own networking. MC is using the Windows network api. It is Windows that control how long it waits for it to timeout.

There is no revert of beta. You have to go back to 12.8

Beta Releases / Re: v13.0 **BETA**
« on: May 09, 2023, 13:16:56 »
Thanks for the update Mathias.

Just installed b2945 & it seems to have lost many of the entries on the right-click context menu.
MC entries are intact but 3rd party entries have mostly gone.
Any way to recover these or is it necesssary to reinstall the apps?

I used autoruns to inspect the system & the reg entries etc are intact.  The context entries are also OK in Vanilla Explorer.   ::)

Nothing around that is changed.. changes are just minor fixes to the things in the previous beta
Also MC do not control external options in context menu, MC just ask windows to fill up the menu.
Can it be that you went from 32bit to 64bit ?
64bit does not show shell extensions that are only 32bit.. and the other way around

Yes, default maybe should be extended.

You can also modify your own in the Color rules editor.

Support and Feedback / Re: Simple tree and file pane view
« on: May 08, 2023, 08:01:36 »
Hejsan Mathias

Why can I not get a nice and simple tree and list view as you have in your online manual? (See the attachment).
I am forced to have a 2. list view that I don't use, because "Split size 0/100 or 100/0" can not be saved between sessions.
What is the trick you use?

You can show that tree by pressing the tree icon on the toolbar inside in explorer panel. That screenshot is just a cut to show that panel. not the entire application.
MC always has 2 panel. It is designed around this concept where the "other" panel is always the default target for different operation. This is very efficient if you are a keyboard user and do not want to use the mouse unless when you really need to.
So therefor 0/100 and 100/0 split is not supported. Even if you do a 0/100 split there might be a panel showing that is hidden that you can do stuff to without knowing it.
There are tricks to get around it and do it..  By settings this in an auto load script. but then you are going out of the way to do it manually, and then I hope you fully understand the risk.

Support and Feedback / Re: sorting folders by date
« on: May 05, 2023, 13:34:27 »
Not sure what you mean
But you click the column header to sort by that column,
You can also in Explorer Panel settings under the "Sorting and Columns" section you can change if files and folders should be sorted separately

Hover preview have no settings. There is no setting that remembered if it should be on/off between starts. it is always off when MC starts.

Yes. keep an eye on it and see if it happens again and what you did around that time.

Is this a new function? I've never seen this before, and I don't have a toolbar with this button. Also, this option is not available in the settings. And I can't find this button. Just pressing Alt+Q enables and disables this function.

It newer

I don't use ALT+Q in any other program. It's something that started after an update was made to MC. Suddenly I discovered that contents in a folder were displayed when the mouse pointed towards it and I saw the new feature called the hover preview. It gets automatically switched on from time to time, especially when I switch to and browse external drives. I did save the MC configuration with the function switched off and that seemed to solve it for a short period of time. Unfortunately yesterday I discovered the function problem again.

I hope someone knows how to solve this, as I find it an awfully irritating feature. Aside from that, MC works fine and does the job perfectly.

I edited my posts to clarify it's the hover preview function.
It is only turned on manually and it does not save any settings for it. It is only used for the session until toggled off.
And there is nothing that automatically turns it on like a settings for always on or something like that. Only way to turn it on it to click the icon or shortcut key

So I don't know how it can just turn on for you. Something must send a message to MC to turn it on, You don't run any other program that hook them self into the MC processes ?
Thinking that it might be some message id conflict for that app that hook them self into MC and that app..

It will toggle on with Alt+Q.. You maybe have Alt+Q for some other program so that you sometimes press that when MC is in focus ?

The -AutoRun parameter is sent to the instance you are starting. If "only allow single instance" is active. Then MC is already running and will then not call the AutoRun command.

You can command Hotkeys inside MC to user defined commands.

The Read/Write stratergy are mostly for performance reasons.
Windows takes care of the low end part for read/writing data and to make sure that data is written correctly.
So unless there are some issue with the HW there should be no risk of write errors. Todays drives actually write a lot of errors that are corrected automatically by the drive.

But some drives and Hardware will work faster if buffers are at some sizes, and if cache are used or not used and thinks like that.
Or if read and writes are done at the same time if you are using two different drives.
Most of the time it is fast to bypass the cache if you are writing large files. Since there is no need for it to be cached. Unless you are also doing lots of other work on the drive and want it to be caches so it is flushed to the drives in large blocks..
The data pass many layers of hardware/'hardware drivers' before they are actually written on the disk. And if one layer does not support some optimization, it will not be faster, but would still be written correctly.

Support and Feedback / Re: some mp4 videos do not get thumbnails
« on: April 21, 2023, 08:16:00 »
MC do not create thumbnail for mp4 it self.. It asks Windows for them. You can enable logging of the thumbnail process in the Core Settings > FileSystem (tab), And then it might log if there was some error. might be that the file was used by anohter process or something.
Or if there are a lot of them, they are queue and can take time to be processed

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