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Support and Feedback / Selecting a file when opening a directory
« on: August 19, 2021, 07:04:11 »
I am writing via google translate, so I apologize if something from what I write is not entirely clear, I am not to blame :)
The problem is this: I assigned the value MC in the hkcr\Directory\shell registry branch, created the MC branch in it, created the command branch and registered <path to MC.exe> /OPEN "%V" /PANEL=right. and the problem is that when, for example, in the browser I click "show in folder" on the downloaded file, or on the shortcut I click "file location" the MC, although opens the directory, but not select the file.
After looking through the documentation, and searching on the forum, I did not find a solution, tell me, please ;)

P.S. it's simple, inconvenient, when a shortcut refers to a program in system32, I click "file location", and they throw me at the beginning of the directory, so look for the desired file ;D

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