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I copy folder from my camera to my hadrdrive for backup purposes.

When I copy the same folder again I get to choose what to do with the filders already on the harddrive. Since I don't want to copy them again I select "skip all" I expect MC to skip all the files that are already on the harddrive. But it doesn't. The next file i get the same pop-up with the same question again.

Did I miss an option somewhere? Or is this a bug in MC?

Support and Feedback / Splash screen hides message (error message?)
« on: August 07, 2017, 19:01:29 »
When I start multi commander I get the splash screen. And nothing else.

When I looked carefully I noticed a window behind the splashscreen. When I activate multi commander (click on splash screen) and press the enter button multi commander continuous to start.

I have no idea which message I just " ok"-ed or cancelled.

But it returns each time I start multi commander.

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