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Support and Feedback / Change date/time on search results
« on: August 24, 2021, 13:05:36 »
I'm trying to change date/time on some files, but something is not working as expected... Here is what I'm doing:
1) I search for some files in a folder using the "Find files F3" function
2) the resulting files appear in a RES1 panel
3) I select all the files in the RES1 panel
4) Menu Tools -> Change properties (attributes/time)
5) I change the date and time settings (see attached file)
6) When I clic Ok nothing happens, the selected files remain unchanged

When I try the same thing on files not in a RES panel, it's working as expected...
Am I doing anything wrong? Is it not possible to change date/time settings on files in a RES panel?

I started using Multi Commander some days ago and I'm trying to configure it for my needs (BTW... great program!).
In  my setup I have two different OneDrive folders, one is linked to my personal account (OneDrive Personal - Hotmail account) and the other one is linked to my corporate account (Office/Microsoft 365 - OneDrive Business). In Explorer I can see the two different folders (see attachment) and they are both in the notification area.
In Multi Commander's dropdown menu there's only "OneDrive - Personal" listed (see attachment), would it be possibile to also add "OneDrive - company" to the menu?

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