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Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Search
« on: April 22, 2013, 13:42:25 »
Hi, now when I downloaded last beta version, MC is able to find/search string in binary file such as XLS (using ALT+F7 hot keys, there is new option binary). Thanks a lot.


Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Search
« on: April 08, 2013, 15:30:31 »
But I tried all of options: autodetect, unicode, ascii or utf8 manually but without any result. I think this searching option should do that. Sometimes I used this way when I tried to find some excel files with some special values and I don't know where they are. TC already helped me with his searching engine but know I was a little bit confused that currently it is not possible/available in MC.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Search
« on: April 08, 2013, 14:31:02 »

I found a mistake in current beta version in searching of any string in XLS file. I used ALT+F7 combination to find files which include a string and I used MORE option with file content. I compared to TC and it is able to find XLS file which contain string for example "232H3" in some files but MC wasn't able to find it but in text file it was able to do that as well. So, for my daily routine I use MC to everything what I need but this was surprise. Could you please fix it?



Feature Requests and Suggestions / Compare 2 files by content
« on: November 08, 2012, 10:47:08 »
Hi, could you tell me if you plan to develop this feature in MC? Because I can't find it in MC and now I have to use TC.

It is strange, because these files are really on the new place when I press CTRL+V keys, but I can't see them. Only when I press F2 to refresh. It is very rare, but I have never seen that in other managers.


Yes, when I tried to use F2 key to refresh, then it works and files appear immediately, but why it happens on my local computer/discs? With other file managers it doesn't happen. Is it possible to handle a timer which is responsible for refreshing of any changes in directories (I mean to set up a timer to refresh directory with faster response)?



I have a problem with files appearing when I create new directory, then in second directory I marked 2 files by CTRL+C and then I switched into first one and here I copy those 2 files by CTRL+V from clipboard. The result is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work (in background it is ok, it works well but non of these files are in this directory on the screen!!! , but in real world they are already there but not on the screen). I tried to press CTRL+V again and I've got notification that these two files are already there and if I want to replace, rewrite it. Why, any suggestion?



Ok, I found it. At the beginning I chose another style and behaviour for MC than standard and keys were remapped. Then I tried to find a perfect visual style for my as I had in my previous file manager. Now I compared ZFileManager.xml file with the fresh one and I found that I chose the option "Auto uncheck files and folders when single selecting". So I disabled it and now it works with INS key. Thanks guys. D.


I removed my old installation of MC and get the fresh one and INS is works. So I will check where it is a difference in config files.


It doesn't work. I chose the option checkboxes and a little square appeared next to each file but when I press INS nothing happened. I expected that each of square will be marked as crossed.

Yes, I agree with you it's standard in programs like MC but in my case when I press insert my file isn't marked but cursor is moved down and focus on next file. Maybe I redefined this key function but now I don't know where can I find it to redefine again to correct value.

I try to describe it: I want to find a way how quickly select 2,3 or more files which are in the same directory.
For example:
file 1
file 2
file 3
file 4
file 100
file 101
and etc

I want to select, mark file 2, file 4, file 5 and file 18 (for example to copy to another disk) and my suggestion is to use something like insert key on keyboard to mark these files. I don't think so if it is possible to mark these files quickly by ALT or CTRL combination of NUM+(-) as you mentioned above. I found this option in NC, VC and also TT and it is very fast when you want to mark some files without any rules such as filtered by extension.


Common way how to mark separated files in folder in alternative manager is to use INSERT key (this key can also mark subdirectories). I spent lot of time by finding useful solution in MC or if MC supports this option too or not. I found very similar solution but too slow using a key combination such as ALT+NUM + or ALT + NUM - to select or deselect file in folder. Am I right or you have faster way to do that operation? Currently I use a mouse to select or deselect files in folder but it is very slow. I tried to remap this option in keyboard customization in configuration menu but without success.

Script / Re: Create empty text file
« on: May 21, 2012, 09:37:48 »
I wanted to post the same suggestion or question, where or how can I create an empty text file in MC. In my previous file manager it was possible with keys combination like SHIFT+F4 but here it doesn't work. This keys combination is very fast and useful. Do you plan to add something like that to next version of Multi Commander? The same is how to copy file into the same folder but with different file name. In my previous manager it was combination SHIFT+F5. These two options I used very often.



Feature Requests and Suggestions / create directory suggestion
« on: May 16, 2012, 12:55:08 »
I have next suggestion when I want to create directory by F7 key. For example I have list of directories and when I focus on some directory which already exist from this directory list and then press F7 it could be better when text box will be filled up by name of focused directory. It can save more time when I created new directory with long name.



Can you add an option like check-box to enable/disable Frame Color of active panel?
I guess,  that changing of colour in "Current Path Field" is enough and for example for me changing colour of active/inactive panel border is a little bit annoying.



Yes, that's a problem. I turned off "Overlay icons" option and it is better then before. I guessed that there is still process in progress which takes a time and then the path name was retype/changed. Thanks

Yes, that is "current path field"
I have windows 7, 4-cores CPU and 4 GB of memory and I don't think that my system is busy in that moment. Currently I found the reason, when I have more files in one directory 100 or more (600 in my case), some XLS files etc. so in that time when I change a directory and go back to previous there is a time lag in current path field. I tried to remove all of the files from that directory and then it was faster almost immediately,  but when I put these files back it will happen the same situation the current path field is slower 1-2 seconds. D.


I found a problem with text appearing in text box which you can find above the "Name" column in both panels. It is in grey or blue colour depends on which panel is currently focused. When I change a directory (this happens very quickly) I expected that text will change very quickly as well but sometimes it takes one or one and half second. It is very strange and I don't know why it happens. Thanks for your answer.

... also I found one thing which is not for me. Can I change it? It is blue rectangle around the focused window panel.

... and do you plan to put some options into manager configuration also for address bar which is still white and I can't find the way how to change it to grey? I would like to set every background to grey color because is easier to read it from monitor than when I use white color. Thanks.

I know what is difference between SFTP and SSL FTP, I found the second one as option in your manager, but we already have system based on SSH. Is it possible to use some SFTP plugins from alternative managers with WFX extension? I used this plugin in other manager and it is based on putty. It is named as SFTP4TC. Thanks, btw. your manager is great and very useful as alternative to commercial managers.

Support and Feedback / Problem with connection to SFTP server
« on: May 15, 2012, 13:21:35 »

I created record in FTP manager in MULTI COMMANDER with port 22 and correct IP address and I wasn't able to connect to this server. M. Commander returned me this notification:

2012-05-15 13:19:41 < SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.3
2012-05-15 13:20:11 < SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_4.3
2012-05-15 13:20:11 = Unknown return code.

Does it exist any plugin how to connect to SFTP server with certification?


Also one question , is it possible to change white background color in drive list box (drive menu)? I couldn't find it in configuration. Thanks.

Feature Requests and Suggestions / Re: Hide the splash screen.
« on: May 15, 2012, 13:09:19 »
I agree with this suggestion. I recommend to put this option to the menu or configuration where we can enable or disable this feature.

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