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Title: Auto-Hide Tab Bar and Status Bar
Post by: andrase on August 09, 2016, 13:00:37
Hi Mathias,

I saw other users bringing this up, but not as a specific feature request.

I like to keep my user interface as minimal as possible, and generally, I don't use more than one tab, and most often there are no ongoing operations that would reside in the status bar. This makes 2 bars lingering at the bottom of my window with no practical use for them.

If you could create an option in future versions to auto-hide the tab bar when there is only one tab open, and auto-hide the status bar when no actions are being performed, that would make MultiCommander my absolute number one choice.

Thank you for the wonderful work you've put into this file manager.

Title: Re: Auto-Hide Tab Bar and Status Bar
Post by: Philip Goddard on August 13, 2016, 12:16:28
I strongly second this request. I've only come to MC today, through a recommendation of MC (for the excellent file-type colouring system) in ComputerActive magazine here in the UK, and I see that it is a quite formidable competitor to FreeCommander, my regular file manager so far, which itself is excellent. Like Andrase, I normally need only two panes open, so have no cause to use multiple tabs in either pane. Indeed, in FC, when I do need to open additional panes I prefer to briefly open another instance of the program, which is actually less confusing for me, and ensures that no pane has a tab bar taking up space.
Title: Re: Auto-Hide Tab Bar and Status Bar
Post by: gllera on August 28, 2016, 15:13:21
+1 I like to keep the interface as simple as possible too