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Title: A few questions from a new User
Post by: FLACTastic on January 16, 2021, 15:57:57
First off i want to say sorry if this isn´t the correct thread for that, but i have a few sugestions and also a few question, i think it should be good here.
Also i would like to say thanks to the creators of this nice tool. I tried out a lot of different Explorer Replacements in the past. "Directory Opus" still stands on the top, but i don´t like how they treat their portable Function, not to speak of the Update Function for the portable Version. XYPlorer is not bad, and i actually wanted to use it, but what it kills for me is the lack of a Customization for the "Right Click Context Menu". It´s just not there.
"Multi Commander" fixes all of that! A native portable Mode, "Right Click Context Menu", a Dark Mode, ect.
So thanks for your work.
Now for the suggestions and questions.

1. I have made a custom Button in MC that toggles the "Menu Bar", because i don´t like that white in the Dark Mode. But then i catching myself that i often need access to the Menu Options which are available on the "Menu Bar". It would be nice if would create a User Command (for example as a Button) that shows the different Menus like "View", "Configuration" or "Extensions" as a Pop Up. This way we can keep the "Menu Bar" always hidden.
I actually expected this could be possible via the internal Commands, but it sadly wasn´t.

2. I have also made a custom Button in MC that creates a Folder with a predefined Name. For that i used "Custom Commands/MakeDir/FolderName". It works fine, but when i press the custom Button afterwards, it still gives me the "Create new Folder" Dialog. I want to disable that. Ether it´s possible as an extra option for the "Custom Commands" or globally when you create a Folder.

3. I worked a lot with your variables, the "MultiTags". What i´m missing from it thou is one that gives me only the extension. For example a "${focusfileext}". I would need it for some programs.

4. Is it possible to have 3 Panels?

5. Besides having the Focus Rectangle a solid Color or not, a third option to this completely filled with color (like on Windows Explorer) would be cool.

6. I saw that there is an option under "Configuration" which is called "Manage Plug-ins and Extensions". Are there more plugins that we can add there or am i missing something?

Thank you very much. Keep up the good work.
Title: Re: A few questions from a new User
Post by: Mathias (Author) on January 21, 2021, 08:56:10
1. Ctrl+M toggle menu bar. Yes it is not currently possible to have a dark menu bar since MC is using the standard Windows Menu bar and have not own control of the drawing of it. and Microsoft have not added darkmode support for that in Windows yet.
You can also press the alt key when it is hidden to show it temporary.
Showing menu as popup from UserDefinedCommand hmm Maybe. I add it to my investigate list. And will check if that is possible without to much hassle.

2. Strange.
If I do
Code: [Select]
MC.Filesystem.Makedir PATH="C:\MyFolder" I do not get the dialog to popup,  How to you command looks like ?

3. Some more tags will be added, it is on my list.  However if you want more control do MultiScript there you have full control of all text and can manipulate them how ever you want. But that type of script is a bit more complex

4.  3 panels shown at the same time. No. MC is build around the source panel / target panel concept.

5. You can change so focused items have a totally different color.  ExplorerPanel Settings > Colors

6. I don't think there are any 3rd party extensions that are public. But lots of features in MC is extensions and you can from there disable and customize some of them there
Title: Re: A few questions from a new User
Post by: FLACTastic on January 21, 2021, 10:52:48
Thanks for the response, Mathias. :)

1. The Alt Key is actually a very good solution... for now. I think there could be a good workaround having the Alt Key as a Button or something. It´s still not perfect, but good enough for now. But again, as you said, a popup Menu would be the best.

2. Yeah, my Command looks like this:
MC.Explorer.Makedir FOLDERNAME="Soundtrack"
The reason i use mine versus yours is that i can create it in any folder i´m currently at. Yours has the predefined Path in it, so it only can only create the new Folder in "C:\".
The only drawback is that mine does show the Create Folder Dialog. So what can i do here?

3. That´s great to hear. Yeah, i looked into MultiScript, but it was way more complex and i didn´t had the time yet to fully understand the scripting language. I´m pretty sure i could also solve the Folder Situation from "2." with it. But going back to MultiTags, for now i would only need the "ext." Tag.

4. I´m okay with that.

5. I´m not sure if you understand what i mean completely. In the first attached screenshot is shown what i meant with "completely filled with color" when you focus something. In Multi Commander it´s not possible to have it like this, it´s either Rectangle or a Solid (or i haven´t seen the option yet).

6. Alright.

I also found a new question/suggestion.

7. I tried to change the Height of the Tabs, and i´m pretty sure there is no option for that. We can change the Width, the Font, the Color, but strangely not the Height of it. I tried to change the Font and the Size for it to give it a better look, but whatever i do it always look so "squeezed" (see Screenshot 2). Just changing the Height would fix that.

Thank you.
Title: Re: A few questions from a new User
Post by: Mathias (Author) on January 21, 2021, 11:50:50
2. MC.Explorer.Makedir goes via the ExplorerPanel (UI) (and the UI dialog is bases on current path..)
and MC.Filesystem.Makedir goes directly to the FileSystem.
You can combine MultiScript and CustomCommand but since you are only creating folders you can do MultiScript all the way

Code: [Select]
@var $path = GetSourcePath();
$path = $path ^ "Soundtrack";

5. Yes the item in focus have a totally different background (and text color)  (see pic)

7. I think the height is connected to the height of the font used for the tab. You change change the font for the tab in Core Settings.
Having a direct settings for just ever things that can be sized would be a even more settings hell. specially when scaling is changed between restarts and multi screens
Also it depend on what Windows Scaling settings that is used.
Title: Re: A few questions from a new User
Post by: FLACTastic on January 21, 2021, 12:43:36
Thanks again for your quick response.
Your MultiScript completely solves what i wanted. Thank you.
I just found another question and it would be nice if you could also answer that. Having all these Quick Launch Buttons is really cool, however... i would actually prefer if it would also shows optional the Name of the Button under it. I know i can change the Icon of it too, and by that i could remember what each button is. However, i would really prefer if we could also have the Name under it. A solution would be having an option either you want the Tooltip when hovering with the Mouse over the Button (like it is by default), or showing the Tooltip under the Icon, like a Description. I think this is a "Must Have" to be honest. I´ve seen that the built in Buttons already have that if you for example activate the built in "Drive Buttons" under "Explorer Panel Settings/Layout/Toolbars/Main Window Toolbars/Drive Buttons". Having the description for your Custom Buttons like this or on the bottom would be very good. I mean it´s nice to choose your own icon for a Custom Button and by that you would remember what each Button would do, but nothing beats having the Description of each Button also shown.

Also regarding the point 5 with the item in focus can have a totally different background (and text color), i see from the pic that it´s possible what i want. However for some reason i can´t find the setting that is responsible for that.
Can you please point me to the setting directly so i know how you did that?

Thank you very much.
Title: Re: A few questions from a new User
Post by: Mathias (Author) on January 21, 2021, 22:43:51
The colors are customize in Explorer Panel Settings > Colors (Tab)

To overload the background make sure to check "Use file specified background colors" and for folders too.

Im not sure what you mean . Quick Launch buttons are the icons after the command line field. But I suspect you mean the buttons in the button panel ?
So you want the tooptip to show all the button variants ?
Title: Re: A few questions from a new User
Post by: FLACTastic on January 21, 2021, 23:07:08
Thank you again for your help.
So i activated both "Use file specified background colors" and "Use folder specified background colors". I followed your advice in "Explorer Panel Settings > Colors (Tab)", but there is no "Tab" Option then. I normally would find this myself by now, but i just can´t still get it to work.

Yeah, i explained that with the Quick Launch Buttons a little too confused.
What i mean is that i want to have description text under my Custom Buttons. Just like it is for the built in Buttons as shown in the Picture.
Title: Re: A few questions from a new User
Post by: Mathias (Author) on January 22, 2021, 07:41:18
"Explorer Panel Settings > Colors (Tab)",  means the Explorer Panel Settings that is opened up there are many settings tab.. in the Colors Tab.. you find the settings.
But looks like you found it since you check the "Use X specified background colors"
Well after you checked them you can now configure what background colors you want to use. and if you change the colors for the focus item there you can also change the background.

But if you go to Menu > Configuration > Quick Look'n'Feel Setup.  and select customize. then you can select just colors in the boxes below it.and for colors there are a couple of different sets. some of them might be a better base to start at if you find customize the colors your self to complex.

So you want a text for all icons on some of the toolbar / quick launch bar.. that is currently not possible since the text would take up so much space.
It is on the drive bar because it is only 1 character,