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Hey Mat...great tool. Keep up the good work. I'd offer to help but I haven't written C++ in...more years than I care to say.  :)

So I have a couple of ideas for features that would be pretty easy in Java or VB or .Net but I realize Windows C++/C guts can make simple seeming things overly difficult. That said here are my thoughts:
- Information for selected files/folders shown on the status bar, specifically I'd like to see the target path of any symlinks, junctions, etc. shown on the status bar. I know the info is available as a column in the main explorer details view, but since most files aren't links of any kind having an empty column eating valuable screen real estate really is a waste. So having it just written on the status bar would be really useful. Actually being able to select multiple details about files or folders and having them redirect to the status bar would be very handy in a lot of ways.

- Along those same lines, being able to get to the status bar and other such high visibility, information oriented controls from withing the scripting language in some fashion would be very useful. I know that may be a big ask, but I have ran into a couple of things I was trying to script that would make it useful, at least for me.

Ok. I'll stop there. I know how managing life and hobby projects can burn through the hours.


I don't know how difficult it would be to automate it, but I know of at least 1 other file manager (Q-Dir) that can do this pretty effectively, at least it did when I last tried it. MC has lots of features it does not have so I feel safe posting this with confidence that MC won't lose users, at least not the ones worth having, but it does seem possible.

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